hygge is cozy

A Very Hygge Holidays

The Danish are some of the happiest people in the world. That's in part because of “hygge”—pronounced “hoo-ga”—loosely translated to comfort and enjoying the simple pleasures. Follow their lead, and bring some hygge into your home this holiday season.
free flags for vets

Small Moments; Big Impacts

Sometimes, very small moments can make very big impacts on our lives and the lives of others. Read on to find out how one Iraq war veteran's simple gesture of appreciation became the serendipitous foundation for a nationwide nonprofit. 

why is their condensation on my window

Understanding Window Condensation

Want to hear our top tactics to stop the (window) sweat? We explain what causes condensation, when it's okay and when it's not, and provide you with some simple tips on how you can prevent moisture build-up before it even happens.

RbA of Greater Twin Cities Honors Vietnam War Veteran

Team Spotlight

A group of veterans from Renewal by Andersen of the Greater Twin Cities honor a Vietnam War Vet.

we hit our 2 million goal

Featured Video

Hear from our teammates from all across the country why United Against Cancer matters to them.

Beautiful. Amazing. I love my beautful, amazing RbA windows so much I don't want to put my curtains up (and I LOVE my curtains)!

Signature Stories

Hear from other homeowners and see what folks in your neighborhood are saying.

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