New thanksgiving traditions for 202

Let's Get Together...While Apart

The holidays are here, and no matter how we feel about it, life as we know it is different. But there’s nothing to say we can’t still enjoy the season--we just need to shake it up a bit! Get the socially distanced holiday happenings started with these new ways to celebrate this year.
is window condensation normal

Is Window Condensation a Bad Thing?

Now is when people close up their homes for the winter and start running the furnace--and ask us: “Why is there water on my windows? Is there something wrong?” Here's your guide to understanding the condensation on your windows and knowing what's a problem...and what isn't!

Celebrating our Heroes

Veterans Month 2020

At Renewal, we're thankful for our veterans not just on November 11, but every day. As a military-friendly business, we have many current and former servicepeople who play vital roles in helping us grow and thrive as a company. This year, we spotlight just a few of our proud veteran colleagues!
Renewal and the American Cancer Society

Team Spotlight

When we are United against cancer, no one fights alone. Thank you for your help!

you get what you pay for

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From appliances to clothing to windows, you get what you pay for.

 the windows are extremely beautiful! The sandtone color trim improves the curb appeal as pointed out by my neighbor. I can already tell the windows are helping with outside sound of airplanes and definitely improving keeping the cold out.

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