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Inspiring Tales of Canine Loyalty

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a HERO DOG! They are faithful companions and loyal partners. And, throughout history, dogs of all shapes and sizes have also been heroes. Bark your calendar, as we celebrate National Dog Day (Aug. 26) with stories of some of the most remarkable canine companions, soldiers, scientists, explorers, and more!

dog trivia

Tail-Waggin' Trivia

They pick us up when we're down; get us up and motivated; provide snuggles and slobbery kisses; and can even be heroes. But no matter how much you know about our pampered pooch pals, there's always more to learn. In honor of National Dog Day, check out some of our favorite fun facts about humankind's best friend!

the dogs of rba

Renewal Goes to the Dogs

Our furry friends think working with us is the best job they could have...as witnessed in these photos of some of our pawesome co-workers showing their RbA pride. We’ve got hounds in hats, pups in pajamas, doggies as design consultants, and pooches in polo shirts...Enjoy this gallery of some of our Best Friends from all across the country!

finn is a believet service dog

Team Spotlight

Follow along with Renewal as we watch Finn the red setter train to be a Believet service dog.

anthony carrino and rossi cam

Featured Video

TV personality Anthony Carrino gives us a dog's eye view of his new cabin with "Rossi cam."

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