New Holiday traditions

6 Simple Seasonal Recipes

Cookie exchanges, holiday parties, family celebrations, potluck dinners...there's no shortage of gatherings centered around food and drink this time of the year. In need of a dish to share? Check out these delicious--and easy--recipes!

New Holiday traditions

New Twists on Timeless Classics

The holidays are a time for traditions... But who says there isn’t room to try something new? Start a new “we do that every year” moment and celebrate the season and ring in the new year with a few of these activities! 

Liz Marie and family


Designer, blogger, and Instagram personality Liz Marie Galvan is known for her "cozy farmhouse style."This month, she guest blogs for us, talking about how she made the crucial decision on who to work with for her home remodel.
andersen named beyond the yellow ribbon

Team Spotlight

Andersen named Yellow Ribbon Company for commitment to vets and families.

Living History Farms

Featured Video

At Home with Laurie goes back in time with Living History Farms in Des Moines.

We live in a historic district, so we are required (and would insist even if we weren't required) for the home to look identical from the sidewalk before & after the work. They did a perfect job making the windows look just like they belong in our historic Victorian home! Thanks!

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Hear from other homeowners and see what folks in your neighborhood are saying.

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