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When it comes to “fun and exciting” home improvement projects, driveways aren’t typically top of mind…but why not? After all, it’s your transition between the hectic outside world and the inner sanctuary of your private space. Check out some of the many options available for paving the pathway to your garage.

easy window cleaning

"I Don't Do Windows!"

“I don’t do windows.” But after this month's edition of "What's Out the Window" with producer, designer, and HGTV personality Laurie March, you're going to WANT to do windows. Check out her awesome ideas for fresh and clean fenestration (and the easiest homemade window cleaner recipe ever)!

Make a plan for fire prevention week 2019

Not Every Hero Wears a Cape: 2019 Fire Prevention Week

This year’s Fire Prevention Week (FPW) theme is: “Not every hero wears a cape: PLAN and PRACTICE your ESCAPE.” A solid fire escape plan should be the cornerstone of your family’s home safety toolkit. Find out the easy steps you can take to become a Superhero for your family today!

Logan and Windows for a Cause

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RbA of Greater WI helps wishes come true with Windows for a Cause.

What's in a signature? What are you saying about yourself every time you place that pen to parchment?   That I am accountable, responsible, and I am dedicated. A signature can denote a deeply personal accomplishment, signify a committment, or demonstrate pride in ones work. A signature can proudly say "I care."  At Renewal by Andersen, we care. We strive to provide you a superior window replacement solution for you and your home. Every effort is put into making the finest replacement window possible utilizing our exclusive Fibrex material. Our people are the best in the industry and take great pride in providing you with the best home improvement experience you'll ever have.   We call it Signature Service. It's a principle we all take very personally. So much so, we sign our name to it.

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What's in a signature? What are you expressing when you sign your name, put pen to paper?

We live in a historic district, so we are required (and would insist even if we weren't required) for the home to look identical from the sidewalk before & after the work. They did a perfect job making the windows look just like they belong in our historic Victorian home! Thanks!

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