valentines trivia

Valentine's Fun Facts

We all know the truth: February 14 is for friends, lovebirds, and... TRIVIA BUFFS! So indulge: tastier then a box of chocolates, and far less likely to expand your waistline: Celebrate Valentine's Day with some of these tasty trivia tidbits on love, romance, candy, and that special holiday that everybody loves to hate…
Which backsplash material is right for you?

Backsplash Basics

Given the wide number of materials, finishes, and designs available for backsplashes today, the options can be a bit overwhelming. Before you randomly pull samples at the home store, check out our primer on backsplash material basics and learn some of the pros and cons of some of your options.
Which houseplants for your space
Choosing Houseplants for Your Home
What's one decorating trend that never goes out of style, always adds a pop of color to your area, and can help clean the air and make your home healthier? Plants! Here are top tips for getting started decorating with plants (with special guest blogger, designer Laurie March!).
Teaching kids about the trades

Team Spotlight

RbA of the Greater Twin Cities teaches kids about careers in the construction trade.

why john colaneri hired a pro

Featured Video

John Colaneri is back to show us why he believes sometimes it's worth it to hire a pro.

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