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Buttery, bold, creamy, crumbly, nutty…delicious. With as many as 450 varieties of Italian cheese, there is a taste and texture for everyone. September is National Italian Cheese Month…and what’s the best way to celebrate? BY EATING, of course! We’ve assembled a few of our favorite recipes to get you started.

October Fire Prevention Week

Look, Listen, Learn!: Fire Prevention Week '18

Did you know that if you have a reported fire in your home, you are more likely to die today than you were a few decades ago? This startling statistic is behind this year’s Fire Prevention Week (FPW) theme: “Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware - fire can happen anywhere.™” See 3 steps for fire prevention and safety.

Tips on storing garden hose

Oft-Forgotten Fall Projects: Garden Hose Care

Watering the garden… Cleaning a muddy dog… Filling up the kiddie pool… We don’t think much about it, but a garden hose is one of those household tools that we use often, but rarely consider the do’s and don’ts of. Keep it in top condition for years to come with some of these tips for storing and maintaining it.
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Matt Muenster get inspired

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"Get Inspired" with TV host Matt Muenster as we follow his home remodel project!

We live in a historic district, so we are required (and would insist even if we weren't required) for the home to look identical from the sidewalk before & after the work. They did a perfect job making the windows look just like they belong in our historic Victorian home! Thanks!

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