Renewal Goes to the Dogs

Meet the pooches of RbA!

If you ask our furry friends, being our co-workers is the best job they could have. Whether they come in to the office or showroom every day, or whether they are working from home (working hard...or hardly working, doggo...THAT is the question) what more could they wish for, right? After all, they've got us there to pay them ALL the attention they deserve, right? And in return, they will be the most helpful officemate, EVER!

So, in honor of National Dog Day on August 26, we are pleased to share photos of some of our pawesome co-workers, past and present, as they show off their RbA pride. 

From all across our network--sales consultants, manufacturing floor employees, engineers, marketing staff, canvassers, customer service specialists--and even some of our homeowners…these proud pet parents all want to show the world their dogs (and can you blame them??? Look at the cuteness!!!).  

We’ve got hounds in hats, pups in pajamas, doggies as design consultants, and pooches in polo shirts. From way out east to up north Alaska and everywhere in between. Enjoy this selection of some of our Best Friends from all across the country flaunting their canine sartorial stylings (AKA, dashing doggies wearing/chewing on/frolicking with/looking out of/otherwise productively utilizing RbA gear).

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