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Renewal by Andersen is proud to unite with the American Cancer Society in their fight against cancer.


In 2018, the Renewal by Andersen network was galvanized by a cancer diagnosis for one of our most beloved long-term leaders. In a show of support, the network partnered with The American Cancer Society (ACS) for our first October campaign: Wear Pink; Save Lives. Our partnership with the ACS is now year-round, and every October, as a network, we turn a special focus on the fight against cancer.

It is a time to celebrate cancer survivors, remember loved ones lost to the disease, and come together to raise funds and awareness. While this year might look and feel a little different than it has in past years, our commitment remains as strong as ever to attack cancer from every angle!

COVID-19 has had significant health and economic effects on cancer patients and survivors: 87% of respondents per an ACS Survivor Survey reported some impact on their health care due to the pandemic. Nearly half (46%) reported a notable impact on their ability to pay for and afford their care. At the same time, the ACS is facing a shortfall of $200 million. For an organization dedicated to funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention, it is a significant hit.

That's why now, more than ever we are proud to be supporters of The American Cancer Society. Our theme this year is "United Against Cancer"--and we look forward to seeing how our more than 100 locations across North America come together to support the cause.

Combined, our 2018 and 2019 October fundraising campaigns raised more than half a million dollars toward the fight against cancer. This year, we are raising the bar--setting our October goal at $400,000, in an effort to raise a total of $1 million. (Want to contribute? You can help us help the ACS in the fight against cancer here:

“The best way to fight cancer is to attack it from every angle and that’s what we want to help the American Cancer Society do,” says Paul Delahunt, President of Renewal by Andersen. “We're proud to watch our employees across the country contribute their time, talent, and resources to the causes that mean the most to them. Cancer is so personal to many of the families at Renewal by Andersen…being able to support a cause like this, on a scale like this, is powerful. Making a difference has always been at the heart of our values, and it’s a tradition we will carry on for years to come.”

Says Vice President of Affiliate Retail Operations Jeanne Junker, whose 2018 breast cancer diagnosis  inspired her coworkers to come up with the original campaign, “If this partnership, if these efforts, help even one more person out there know they are not fighting cancer alone, that they have a support system and resources…it means so much. I can say that from experience.”

Want to learn more about our 2020 campaign or see coverage of past events and campaigns? Visit our website for coverage of past campaigns, videos and social content from across the network, and more! Want to donate to the ACS--you can do that too! Visit our campaign donation page at to make a donation directly to the American Cancer Society.

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