Happy Halloween from Re"Ghoul" by Andersen!

Halloween has become an epic event—it’s the second-biggest commercial holiday in the United States—and it seems like everyone has their own unique way of celebrating.

Maybe you are a Hallow-fiend…dressing up in costume and heading out with the kids, debating the merits of candy corn, leading the charge for a virtual pumpkin carving contest at work, filling the yard with Styrofoam tombstones, animatronic ghosts, and billowing fog machines, and setting the DVR for The Nightmare Before Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Or, maybe you hide at home, turn out the porch light, and just eat the bag of snack-size candy bars on your own. That works, too!

To celebrate Halloween’s popularity (or anti-popularity), check out our infographic on what's trending in 2020 for this spooky, silly, and superstition-filled holiday. 


Statistics courtesy of National Retail Federation's Halloween Resource Center and Candystore.com.

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