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Find out what's in store for 2024, and plan your project now.

Home is a place to escape from the cares and concerns of work, school, and everyday life. A beautifully remodeled bathroom can make your home even more of a retreat, providing an oasis of comfort and calm where you can relax and recover after a long day.

According to the Wall Street Journal and the home services experts at Angi, every $1.00 you spend on a bathroom remodel will increase the value of your home by $1.70. But more importantly, remodeling your bathroom can do wonders to improve your health and wellness right now while you’re still enjoying your home.

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, where you live in the U.S., and the materials you choose, Angi estimates that a bathroom remodeling project can run from $1,500 to $30,000, with luxury, upscale remodels sometimes costing $80,000 or more. 

If that’s more than you’re prepared to spend, simply refreshing paint or cabinetry, adding spa features that stimulate and soothe the senses (think sight, sound, scent, and color), and replacing outdated windows to bring in more natural light and fresh air can go a long way toward the health benefits that can be gained from a bathroom remodel.

We’ve gathered the top bathroom remodel ideas for 2024 to help you dream and plan your way to a new bathroom that fits your space, budget, and lifestyle, and makes an immediate positive impact on your well-being. Read on for trends and inspiration, as well as next steps for making your bathroom remodeling project (big or small) a reality.

Top trends in bathroom remodels

Experts agree — creating a spa-like bathroom with features that incorporate sustainability and accessibility and provide truly personalized pampering should be the goal for any bathroom remodel. The colors and materials you choose, the fixtures you install, and the art and accessories that give your bath its unique style should instill a sense of comfort and serenity every time you enter the room.

Check out these suggestions to achieve a classic yet on-trend look in your bathroom, whether you’re doing a major remodel or a simple refresh.

Bathroom colors inspired by nature

blue nova bathroomWhile all-white bathrooms can make the most of a small space, they don’t necessarily promote the sense of peace and tranquility that cool colors and natural tones like light browns, tans, and soft grays can bring to the bath.

Using the colors of nature that remind us of the sea, sky, fields, and forests can bring the best of the outdoors inside to help improve mood and reduce anxiety. 

In fact, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year for 2024 is Blue Nova, a dreamy, creamy hue that’s perfect for the bath. A backsplash (right) in this calming color pairs well with the light grey marble vanity top, as well as the brass fixtures and accents.

Green is another favorite of influential DIYer and design expert, Hana Ryiar. “Dark paint colors will be more popular in bathroom spaces. Bathrooms are the perfect spot for color because it’s a small, confined space where you can make a big impact."

It's not just the cooler "natural colors" that will be popular, either. Says Ryjar, "You’ll continue to see dark greens be popular in bathrooms, but also look out for maroon and burgundy bathrooms in 2024.”

Bathroom tile ideas for walls, backsplashes, and floors

Retiling your bath is a bigger commitment than refreshing the paint, so you’ll want to choose tile that’s timeless, classic, and can work with cosmetic changes you may make to your bath down the road. 

Terazzo tile in the bathroomThe hot tile trend for 2024 and beyond is terrazzo, according to The Spruce and reports from the most recent CERSAIE International Tile Fair in Italy.

“Throughout the fair, terrazzo flaunted its charm in a palette of nostalgic hues and earthy tones,” said Cristina Stivala, creative director of Taller KEN.

Terrazzo tile is made by dropping chips of colored glass, quartz, marble, or other materials into cement or a polymer-based material.

The choices are endless, and some of the most popular terrazzo designs incorporate the same calming colors from nature that perfectly complement the bathroom paint colors mentioned above. The size of the “chips” in terrazzo can vary greatly; tile designers use smaller chips for a classic look and larger chips in vibrant colors for more drama and excitement.

Intricate, colorful tiled floors are another hot trend for 2024, with geometric floral designs and honeycomb patterns providing visual appeal and delight without overwhelming the entire room, especially in a smaller space. 

As reported by The Spruce, Laurence Carr, founder and CEO of Laurence Carr, Inc. noted that tile patterns creating abstract shapes and complex designs are in vogue. Carr also said that prints and patterns featuring plants, animals, and landscapes are gaining popularity with designers and homeowners.

Heated bathroom floors are another in-demand feature for many bathroom remodels. According to HGTV, the process doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and is accomplished by having an electrician installing a custom-made electric mat to generate heat. The tile installer applies mud over the mat, then lays the tile on top. Electric mats should include a thermostat for temperature control, and some may even have timing options, allowing you to warm chilly floors in the morning and enjoy warmth underfoot in the cool of the evening. Talk with your contractor about including this cozy upgrade in your remodeling plan. 

Bathroom lighting for setting a mood

Dimmable lights help you set the mood and create a spa-like setting in your bath. While large pieces like chandeliers still have a place in some bathrooms, the trend is toward smaller, energy-efficient fixtures, shades made from natural materials, and dimmer switches that provide as much or as little light as you like.

operable windows in a bathroomWe may be biased, but we think that taking advantage of natural light should be one of your main considerations for illuminating your remodeled bath.

Replace outdated bathroom windows with styles that let in more light and fresh air. Operable bathroom windows provide tremendous health and wellness benefits and only need to be fitted with proper window coverings to guarantee privacy while enjoying your bathroom retreat.

There’s no one right choice for replacement bathroom windows, but three styles — awning windows, casement windows, and sliding windows — are popular options for bathroom remodels. All three of these windows are great for places that require a reach to open (behind sinks, above a counter or vanity). Casement windows offer the most ventilation of all of our operable windows. Thanks to their hinges at the top and opening at the bottom, awning windows are great to bring in fresh air, even in a light rain. Sliders (also called gliders) feature a large viewing area, flexible configuration options, and lots of airflow.

Depending on the amount of wall you have to work with, double-hung windows also make an excellent addition to the bathroom, and for ground-level bathrooms, you could even consider a sliding door to an enclosed, private area. Go for the largest windows that can be accommodated by your wall space to make the greatest impact. 

Go green with plants in the bathroom

Green plants are a natural, low-cost addition to your bathroom décor. Living plants bring beauty to any room, and most plants do very well in a bathroom environment. Consider hanging plants, tall planters for corners, and small potted plants on shelves to improve air quality and add color and interest to the room.

Trends for tubs, showers, fixtures, and toilets

If your bathroom remodeling plans are big enough to include removal and replacement of an outdated bathtub and shower combination, you’ll likely free up enough space for a more contemporary, spa-like setting. Many homeowners are choosing to replace their traditional bathtub with a soaking tub to soothe away the cares of the day. 

bathroom with a bidetDuring the pandemic, more Americans were introduced to the bidet, and many home designers consider the addition of a bidet a “must have” in any bathroom remodeling project.

A variety of styles make the bidet an affordable option that can work in almost any space. (There are also kits available that allow you to modify or retrofit your current toilet, as opposed to adding a separate unit.)

Consider adding handheld shower sprays, massaging shower heads, wall insets for bath products, bench seating, wider doors, and style-centric grab bars for the ultimate comfort and accessibility in your new shower. Heated towel racks add a luxe look and feel to any bathroom and make it oh so much nicer to dry off on chilly days. 

Eco-friendly intelligent fixtures like smart shower heads and touchless faucets can help conserve water and make your new bathroom more sustainable. Automatic flush toilets reduce the need to touch handles and the opportunity to spread germs.

Add artful and colorful accents that spark joy

choose accents that spark joyArt, accent pieces, and use of color can set the mood and instill personality in every room of your home.

You may have a particularly welcoming piece just inside your front door, a funky backsplash in your kitchen, wild wallpaper in your office, or lively posters in your TV room or den (you might even have all of the above).

The bathroom is no different... why not bring some you-ness to a room that you undoubtedly visit quite frequently. Whether you want to impart a sense of serenity and well-being, get your day off to a cheerful start, or make your powder-room patrons smile, why not add something that sparks joy in your bathroom retreat?

Tile in backsplashes, counters, or floors is always fun (but can be a major project). Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a low-commitment (and renter-friendly) way to add some zip to a bathroom. Other ways to add some art include painting the vanity an unusual color, displaying souvenirs or other meaningful mementos from travels, or just actually adding art, whether that's sculpture, prints, or even a framed jigsaw puzzle. Go ahead, get creative!

Planning your bathroom remodel project

Now you're armed with some inspiration and design ideas, the next step is to make that dream a reality!

The key to any successful remodeling project is a plan that includes design ideas, budget, timing, and suppliers. The more detail you include in your plan, the less likely you are to run into issues, roadblocks, and unexpected expenses during your remodel. 

Use the design ideas presented here to be sure you get everything you want from your new bathroom. Remember, the trend is to create a space where you can retreat, relax, and restore your well-being.

Budget should be the bedrock of any plan. Know what you are prepared to spend up front, and work with your remodeler to find the materials, fixtures, and labor costs that fit. This bathroom remodel checklist from Mr. Handyman can help you plan and account for all of the expenses associated with your remodel. 

Give yourself plenty of time to do your research and to have the work completed. If you’re trying to accomplish your project before the holidays or a life event like a wedding, build in extra time to avoid having your home in disarray when guests are expected.

Get quotes from at least three remodelers before making a choice. Read reviews and ask for testimonials before deciding on the company you’ll use. Hearing from other customers will give you the information you need and the confidence to proceed with your project. 

While some people are handy enough to take on a DIY bathroom remodel, most of us will need to bring in professional help for projects involving plumbing, HVAC, and electricity. Structural changes, like replacing windows, almost always require the guidance of a professional to guarantee expert installation for a proper fit and long-lasting, energy-efficient performance. 

Dream big, have fun, and get ready to create a haven in your home that you can enjoy for years to come!


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