Anthony Carrino Tackles Mountain Home Renovation

Follow along as one half of HGTV's "Cousins" undertakes another massive renovation on season 2 of

He's baaaaaaaack! In this season of, construction and design expert, business owner, and HGTV personality Anthony Carrino (along with fiancee Jacey and faithful canine RossiDog) are gearing up to handle an even bigger project than last season's 1860s firehouse reno.

Even bigger how, you ask?

Try a 1960's stone farmhouse and barn, nestled on nearly 4 acres in the Catskill Mountains, big. Try "the previous owners gutted the place and left an empty shell" and "nothing in this house is level or plumb" big. about "We're hosting our wedding on this mountain retreat in July so it better be done" big? (No pressure at all, there, Anthony!)

Big enough for all of that...but still completely worth it.

“This house was gutted when I bought it. So whoever the previous owner was got way in over their skis. They figured out how to  do demo...(partially)...but they didn’t figure out how to put it back together. On top of that, the floors are not level. There wasn’t a single plum or square wall in this house. And the windows are a disaster. All the seals are broken, there’s a ton of rot everywhere. the more layers I took out of this house, the more I knew I had massive problems."

Anthony knew that he had problems--but he also knew he had a good team, both on the homefront and in the professionals he hired to help out. "Jacey is super supportive and into this. We bought this home together--I didn’t pay for this; WE paid for this. The idea that we decided to get married here puts pressure on me to get it done, but I have her full support, she’s super confident in it and not only does she love getting the updates during the week updates throughout the week, she’ll show up on a Thursday or Friday, throw her Carhartt’s on and help clean up or de-nail or whatever needs to be done, so she’s a true team player and I could not appreciate it more."

And speaking of team players, to turn this gut-job into a quiet retreat it's going to take a lot of work, effort, and help from some of the best craftspeople people around--including Renewal by Andersen. 

“I can do what I need to do with confidence because signature service and certified master installers equals me not needing to do a thing, and I can focus on other stuff I need to be doing. I can look back and say, ‘that window looks awesome, that window looks awesome. That window’s going to look awesome.’”

So be sure to follow along on our website to see the complete transformation, and check out to watch new weekly episodes. We guarantee it's going to look awesome!

Want a super-advanced sneak peek? Chek out the short preview video below. 


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