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Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco Honors First Responders

The location dedicates the month of May to celebrating men and women in uniform.

In tribute to the heroes who keep our community safe, Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco dedicated the entire month of May to honoring and supporting our incredible first responders. This initiative, part of their broader commitment to giving back to the community, spotlighted the brave men and women in uniform: local police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and Highway Patrol members.

First Responders' Taco Tuesday

RbA of San Francisco Honors First RespondersThe highlight of the month was a fantastic Taco Tuesday event hosted at the San Francisco branch offices. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for their team to show their appreciation and to personally thank these everyday heroes for their relentless service in maintaining the community's safety and security.

“One memorable moment was making connections with the first responders and realizing how much we have to offer each other in support,” says Brent Anderson, director of operations and compliance for San Francisco. “Seeing the joy and gratitude of all our visitors reminded us of the power of collective effort.”

New Partnerships

But their support didn't stop there.Renewal of San Francisco recently announced a new partnership with Runestone Ranch, an organization that builds small homes for first responders dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). As part of this partnership, San Francisco is not only donating windows and doors but also their time and resources to help create a safe and supportive environment for first responders.

“Participating in this initiative has been incredibly fulfilling,” Anderson says. “It has given me a sense of purpose beyond my daily work responsibilities and allowed me to connect with the community in meaningful ways.”

Making Community Giving Personal

What makes this initiative extra special is that it stems from the hearts of the Renewal by Andersen team members.

RbA of San Francisco Honors First RespondersAt San Francisco, the spirit of giving and community engagement is vibrantly alive thanks to the dedicated efforts of their Giving Back Committee. This year, the committee took a fresh and impactful approach, focusing each month on a different local organization chosen by their team members, with the goal of raising awareness not only within the office but also throughout the community. They've empowered their team to contribute by suggesting organizations they feel passionate about and have a personal connection with, ensuring their support is heartfelt and meaningful.

To deepen their engagement, San Francisco invites representatives from the chosen organization to their office to present their mission and share about the impactful work they do in the community. The representatives share compelling stories, outline their goals, and explain how Renewal can make a tangible difference through their time, materials and donations.

"This direct interaction fosters a profound understanding and appreciation within our team for the challenges and triumphs these organizations experience," Anderson says. 

He continues, "It transforms our employees into informed advocates and passionate supporters, or as we like to call them, Difference Makers. By involving them in the selection process and providing in-depth exposure to each cause, we cultivate a sense of ownership and pride in the support they offer. "Through this initiative, we're not just giving back—we're building a community of well-informed, engaged, and motivated individuals who are ready to make a difference. This approach enhances our company culture, strengthens our bonds with the local community, and ensures that our contributions are impactful and deeply appreciated. Together, we are creating a ripple effect of positive change, one organization at a time."

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