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Introducing in-home Augmented Reality from Renewal by Andersen

When we’re clothes shopping, we try on a pair of jeans before we buy them. We take a bicycle around the block before bringing it home. We even sample chips and dip at the grocery store before serving up a new snack on game day. 

There’s nothing more reassuring than “try before you buy”…we do it for all sorts of everyday decisions. So why should you settle for anything less when it comes to a major investment in your home?

You shouldn’t.

Forget relying solely on catalog pictures to visualize what might look best in your home or trying to make a decision based on some outdated plug-in using an animated, cartoonish picture of a product superimposed onto an image of a room.

The future of "window shopping" is now at your fingertips! Renewal by Andersen's new industry leading Augmented Reality tool makes it easy to examine different product lines, styles, and options right in your home.

Our 3-D models can be selected and placed in your home, allowing you to see in real time what your windows or patio doors will actually look like. Ready to try it out?

Visit our AR page to get started!

How to Experience AR

Using our Augmented Reality (AR) tool to experience Renewal by Andersen products in your home is a great way to "try before you buy." For the full AR experience, you will need to use a tablet or mobile device. Once you have your device handy and are ready to do some virtual "window shopping," follow these steps to get started:

📱 Visit our Augmented Reality page and select a window or patio door you would like to view in augmented reality.

📱 After selecting your product, if you're on a desktop computer, send the product to your mobile device/tablet via text message or email.

📱 Then, on your mobile device, follow the step-by-step instructions to get the best augmented reality experience. 

Using our new in-home AR tool is easy! Watch the video to learn more...then, try it yourself!

We're Just Getting Started...

Want even more options? Experience Real View™ the first-of-its-kind, industry-exclusive AR design tool that will revolutionize home improvement shopping.

Schedule a consultation with one of our design experts, and have access to our professional-grade augmented reality tool to customize your perfect window or door style.

Working with your consultant, you can place a window or door in its room, open and close it in real-time, see (or walk!) through it, and examine the hardware up close. Wondering what a black exterior and cherry interior would look like with your new wall color and do for your curb appeal? We can show you—inside and out. Not sure whether an in-swing or an out-swing French door works better with the flow of your kitchen? Schedule your consultation and give Real View™ a try.

Renewal by Andersen is the first, and only, company in the industry using this groundbreaking technology. Why? Because when it comes to your home and how you live in it, we believe you should have absolute peace of mind that you are making a sound decision for today, tomorrow, and years down the road.

 *Real View AR technology utilized when available. Contact local retailer for more information.

Schedule a consultation and experience Real View Augmented Reality nnow

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