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April 1-7 is Window Safety Week

Windows let in light and fresh air, and can provide breathtaking views, but they also are vital to safety. It's important to understand what you can do to observe window safety, especially when young children are in the home.

Window Safety Week in April coincides with the arrival of spring, when homeowners naturally want to open the windows and bask in the warmer weather—which brings associated hazards. Children see the world’s wonder before they may see its dangers. By following basic window safety tips, you can help prevent injuries related to windows and doors.

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Narrow the Gap

window opening control lock

An open window may pose a hazard to an unsupervised child (and never rely on an insect screen to prevent falls). Children can quickly climb to window ledges or sills and fall. If you need ventilation, open windows that children can’t reach or open windows from the top.

Alternately, consider installing window-opening control devices or window guards that comply with local building codes. When properly installed, these devices will limit the window sash to less than a four-inch opening. These devices have easy-release mechanisms so they can be disengaged to allow the window to fully open if needed for an emergency escape or rescue. 


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