Designing With Bay and Bow

Room-by-room tips and tricks for showing off these unique windows

Last month we examined the different types of projection windows and the features and benefits of each. (Check out Bay v Bow: What’s the Difference?). This month, we show some ways to show off your projection windows in your home. 

A beautiful bay or bow window can be the perfect complement to any home, adding dimension to an exterior façade and creating a lovely sunlit alcove indoors. 

Bay- and bow-window styling is quite versatile and there are many options for decorating, so you may find it difficult to choose—but we are here to help! 

Check out these room-by-room décor examples for getting the most out of your bay or bow windows.

Living Room

decorating Bay and Bow windows throughout the homeYour living room is a hard-working room:  it’s the room where you welcome guests and entertain, and also the room you and your family spend substantial time relaxing in, so creating comfort is very important. 

Make the window the focal point of the room by adding long elegant drapes and flanking the window seat with additional cozy places to relax, like wing chairs. Tie it all together with an accent rug, and you have a room within a room.

A bay or bow window allows space for adding a window seat. This additional seating is great for guests, and can provide a comfortable place for you to curl up with a book and a cup of tea. A projection window is also ideal for adding shelving or storage. Use it to show off photos, books, treasures, and other special items.

Use rich colors and textures with the drapes, chairs, rugs, or decorative pillows to add warmth. Or, go light and bright to make the space airy and sunlit (even more so, thanks to all the extra viewing space in a bay or bow window). To add elegance and convenience to the room consider a curved curtain rod which can be used to cover all the windows at once.

decorating Bay and Bow windows throughout the homeKitchen & Dining

The kitchen is a multitasker, often serving numerous functions above and beyond dining and food prep, including acting as a family gathering spot, a quiet relaxation space, or even a home office. So why not create a getaway area in this versatile area? 

A bay or boy window in the kitchen adds instant seating space and expands your dining area without changing the footprint of your home. Cover your projection window’s seating area with soft cushions and add a table so that your family can start off the day with comfort and a nice view. 

Consider using curtains or shades that are either sheer or light in color to keep your kitchen bright and welcoming. Incorporate accent colors to create a cheerful and positive atmosphere and encourage conversation in your new gathering space. 

Try a base color of white, gray, blue, or green to keep the space airy. If you want to warm it up, red and yellow really make a statement. If you want to experiment with color, but don’t want to commit to paint or wallpaper, drapes, accent pillows, or flowers and other plants placed throughout the room are a great way to add color that you can easily alter. For more color inspiration check out our “Psychology of Color” article and see how different shades can shift your mood. 

Adding a bay or bow window goes a long way in opening up a room. Using clean crisp lines, light patterns, and keeping clutter to a minimum in your décor will further open up the area and make this important room live larger—giving you all the space you need for your family’s activities and comings and goings.

Bath, Bed, and Beyond

The kitchen and living room are probably the first place you’d think to use a bay window…but why limit your designs to your home’s common areas? 

A bay or bow window is a great way to add a resort-like feel to your bedroom, turning it into a true space to get away from it all. 

Incorporate the window area into your décor with pillows and a luxe throw that match your bedding, and you have your own private retreat. It's a perfect space for curling up in the evening with a book and a glass of wine and enjoying the can be surrounded by nature—without braving the elements.

Utilize the space underneath for extra storage for linens or off-season clothing, and now you have a room addition that is functional as well as attractive. Or, try going green...with plants, that is. The area around a projection window is the perfect place to display your new best "fronds."

decorating Bay and Bow windows throughout the homeYou can also go luxe and add a projection window to the master bath, creating an in-home oasis. A bay window, which typically consists of a main picture window, flanked by either operable or fixed additional windows, can add shelf space and ventilation to this small--yet essential--room.

The bathroom pictured at right, with rich wall coverings and furnishings, yet it doesn't feel claustrophobic thanks to the beautiful bay window on the far end opening up the area and letting light flow in.

Positioning the deep soaking tub so it juts into the room is an unexpected yet practical way to take full advantage of garden views through a tall window.

And why should the grown-ups have all the fun? A bay or bow window makes a great seating area for children to read, play, do homework, or relax in comfort. Add functionality to the windows with shelves or drawers, and you can hide all the toys and miscellaneous items throughout the room.

Roman shades or multilayer curtains can help control the light shining into the room, making it easier for the little ones to sleep. Let your kids help with decorating—have them pick out their favorite pillow and stuffed animals to decorate their little sanctuary.

Ready to Get Started?

Bay and bow windows are a great way to enhance a home’s functionality, curb appeal, energy efficiency, and beauty—all while allowing you to incorporate and express your own style and character. 

Renewal by Andersen offer a variety of window stylescolors and finishes, hardware, and grille options to make sure your replacement window complements the architectural style of your home. What’s more, with a projection window project, you will also be able to pick such touches as roof style and material, window seat and headboard material/fabrics/finishes, and more. 

Many people don’t know that bay or bow windows can actually be used as a replacement in most large window openings. If you have an old window that is due for a replacement and are looking for something new, we encourage you to talk with our experts--visit your local showroom or request a consultation. Our design consultants are happy to meet with you in your home at your convenience to listen to your needs and provide you with options and pricing information.

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