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2023 United Against Cancer campaign achieves highest milestone yet.

Once again, the Renewal by Andersen network demonstrated the remarkable power and unwavering passion of its community. 

This October, we shattered our biggest United Against Cancer fundraising goal to date, raising more than $635,000 for the American Cancer Society (ACS). Troy Barrow, president of Renewal by Andersen, expressed his gratitude for the collective effort. “I want to thank all our homeowners across North America, everyone at Renewal by Andersen, and Andersen Corporation. It’s been amazing to see you all come together once again for this important cause. It shows how strong and amazing this network is each and every year,” he says.      

This year's successful campaign means that Renewal by Andersen has contributed more than $3 million to the fight against cancer since the ACS collaboration began in 2018. Anthony Bass, representative for the American Cancer Society, highlights the impact of this contribution. “Your support helps us fund critical cancer research and provide services to the families faced with a cancer diagnosis.” This substantial sum will go toward furthering the discovery of new methods for preventing, detecting, and treating cancer, ultimately improving the quality of life for those affected by this relentless disease.   

What makes this achievement even more inspiring is the unwavering dedication and boundless enthusiasm exhibited by the people of Renewal by Andersen. Through ‘pink’ fashion shows, ‘strides against breast cancer’ walks, dunk tanks, silent auctions, and potlucks the passion and energy displayed during a series of fundraising events across the enterprise has been nothing short of heartwarming. Many participants shared their own stories of how cancer has impacted their lives, or the lives of their loved ones, making the mission to end cancer a personal one. Their commitment and dedication to supporting the American Cancer Society are what fuel the annual campaign’s success.  

Each dollar raised by Renewal by Andersen has a direct impact on real people affected by this disease. Keely Couillard, senior director at the American Cancer Society, expresses her gratitude for the generous contribution. “All of us at the American Cancer Society want to thank the Renewal by Andersen network for your amazing contributions over the last five years. We’re so excited to see how many lives we can positively impact together,” says Couillard. 

We could not be more proud of and grateful to EVERYONE who helped out during this past month. All of our locations, large and small, pitched in to help raise funds to support the cause, and we also are grateful to all of the homeowners who also supported our efforts, and for our friends at Andersen Corporation.

Providing Help and Home

This November, Renewal by Andersen partnered with the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans to provide 36 new windows for a transitional housing complex that supports veterans who have experienced homelessness. The impact of this partnership had profound effect on everyone involved with making the project a reality, as well as for the veterans who will be calling these renovated units home. Learn more in this month's featured video, and read the full story here.

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